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評価: 4/5 - 1 投票数..


死んで花実が咲き誇る - (Raw - Free)

Hanasaki Ohsuke lost his family in a fire when he was young, and has been alone for the rest of his life. He is taken in by his distant relative, the Sunohara family, and lives with Sunohara's parents, Yoichi, and Yomari's siblings like a real "family." One day, while attending a summer festival at a shrine with Yoichi and Yomari, a mysterious young man, Manju, is attacked by monsters created by killing people...!? A new type of battle horror!!

死んで花実が咲き誇る 漫画は Mangaraw.asia ウェブサイトに最も早く掲載され、完全に無料でアップロードされ、最速で更新されます。 ジャンルの 死んで花実が咲き誇る コミック: 冒険 , ファンタジー , アクション


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