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評価: 4/5 - 1 投票数..


砂の海のイフリート - (Raw - Free)

It has been a thousand years since the world was covered in a sea of sand. The former scientific civilization has perished, and the surviving humans are in a harsh struggle for survival against giant water-stealing creatures known as water eaters. One day, Noah, a boy living in a remote sea area, saves a woman who is being chased by water eaters, but she turns out to be an incarnation of Hinokami, which has the power to burn anything it touches...!? A boy and a girl travel in search of paradise at the end. Super royal desert punk fantasy!!!

砂の海のイフリート 漫画は Mangaraw.asia ウェブサイトに最も早く掲載され、完全に無料でアップロードされ、最速で更新されます。 ジャンルの 砂の海のイフリート コミック: 冒険 , ファンタジー


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