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魔力ゼロの最強魔術師~やはりお前らの魔術理論は間違っているんだが?~@COMIC - (Raw - Free)

Abel wanted to be a mage. When he was seven years old, he was told that he could not become a mage because he had no magical power. Shocked, Abel became a recluse. Because of this, Abel was expelled from his parents’ house. Even so, Abel continues to study magic. And then he realised; That the magic theories known in this world are fundamentally wrong. After realizing the truth of magic, Abel becomes the strongest among them.

魔力ゼロの最強魔術師~やはりお前らの魔術理論は間違っているんだが?~@COMIC 漫画は Mangaraw.asia ウェブサイトに最も早く掲載され、完全に無料でアップロードされ、最速で更新されます。 ジャンルの 魔力ゼロの最強魔術師~やはりお前らの魔術理論は間違っているんだが?~@COMIC コミック: SF.ファンタジー , アクション


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