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評価: 4/5 - 1 投票数..


貴族家三男の成り上がりライフ - (Raw - Free)

An ordinary young man who lost his life in an accident met a creator god who ruled another world in the afterlife!? With the power of God, he was reincarnated as the third son of an aristocrat, Alline, and was doted on by his family, living in good health. Growing up. However, even after he was reincarnated, many gods came one after another. Alline was liked and protected by them, and before he knew it, he had powers that far exceeded the human realm. Wanting to live inconspicuously, Alline eventually enrolls in a magic school while hiding his abilities, and enjoys the fun of a different world school life. However, Trouble won't leave him alone. An assassin from a dark guild, a foolish nobleman plotting to overthrow the kingdom, and even a devil who defies God appear, and his life in another world is thrown into chaos. ──I can't stay silent when this happens! In order to quell the chaos that engulfs the entire kingdom, we will unleash the power of the ``God class''!

貴族家三男の成り上がりライフ 漫画は Mangaraw.asia ウェブサイトに最も早く掲載され、完全に無料でアップロードされ、最速で更新されます。 ジャンルの 貴族家三男の成り上がりライフ コミック: 冒険 , ファンタジー , アクション , コメディ


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