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評価: 4/5 - 1 投票数..


俺と君達のダンジョン戦争@COMIC - (Raw - Free)

In the year 2045, Earth was invaded by four different worlds.To defend, it is necessary to conquer dungeons connected to each other world.Each country selects an ``explorer'' who will be responsible for this, and Gunma, an ordinary man selected by Japan, is suddenly thrown into the forefront of the attack!I was freaking out, and while I was activating my Listening and Enemy Search skills with excessively heavy equipment, I met the most beautiful girl in humanity!?While being swayed by her too strong and crazy-minded girlfriend, he proceeds to conquer the dungeon with her unbelievable momentum...?A never-before-explored dungeon fantasy that slowly knocks everything down!

俺と君達のダンジョン戦争@COMIC 漫画は Mangaraw.asia ウェブサイトに最も早く掲載され、完全に無料でアップロードされ、最速で更新されます。 ジャンルの 俺と君達のダンジョン戦争@COMIC コミック: 冒険 , ファンタジー


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